Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An age old fight.........has to end

It has been over the years a strong debate I have had with several friends whether it is the choice of a people to fight for a cause or die fighting for reasons that are not very substantial. I marvel even more at my people in the Northern Region of Ghana specifically the bimoba and konkomba tribes.Over the past years the Bimoba tribe which am part of has had problems mainly over land disputes, and chieftancy ,they always resolved it through their tribal clashes with insufficient ammunition yet surprisingly causes a lot of harm to their respective communities.

As a daughter of the Bimoba land,I entreat my people to talk things over with the other tribe in a peaceful way to end these annual conflicts.I do not seek to point accusatory fingers nor join forces ,am pleading that we put an end to this age old fight.Our children need peace to study,we need stability to develop;that is if we even want to develop.The clashes occurred again this month,it is not healthy for our growth,lets start a person a time in joining forces to eradicate tribal battles in the north.