Saturday, April 20, 2013


The most important lesson I learnt as a GNML student was that no matter who you are ,you can make an impact on your community.Change starts with one person at a time.If you have the will,the tool(social media),the passion and drive,you can do it.

The challenge with GNML

Once I begun to enjoy being a student of the GNML program,numerous challenges started flooding.I sincerely think the greatest challenge I faced was accountability,being accountable for every thing I submitted or every post I put on facebook,twitter,youtube just to mention a few.I constantly strived to put forth my best efforts to accurately and constructively relay information on the social media tools.


I got into the Global New Media Lab classroom as an exchange student.At first,I had doubts on how the program would be and if it was worth my time.Over the past few months,I have gained tremendous insights on how the social media works as a tool for change.The most rewarding experiance I had was the a feeling I got after every lesson and activity. I felt better equiped to make an impact in my community using social media.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Hello readers,
              This month I am going to introduce an exciting website I created for my Global New Media Lab on line class.I have come to realize the importance of this website so much that I created a video for it which was part of the assignment.I called it the door knob because its purpose is to create a community of opportunities for young adults like you and me.This blog contains a video that tells you more about it.You need to be part of this amazing experience.Lets join forces to put the right links to the juiciest promos,ads,scholarships,loans,you name it.Have a wonderful month guys.Until then check out the website at the link below: