Monday, June 10, 2013

Graduates listen up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It all started very gloomy and my countenance sullen.I sometimes felt school was not the place for me.Yes I did agree with its theoretical substance,but never really accepted it in a vivid practical way until I saw graduation approaching.Its like planting a seed on a hot spring afternoon and walking away not really thinking much of it(except a farmer who bases his source of income on it). Later on it germinates,you give it more time and care and boom! its ready for harvesting.Running the race for that honor to walk across the stage is challenging,particularly when you are doing it in another country.It is God I appreciate.Today as I walked across that stage I felt so accomplished and at that moment I was ready to yell....''AM SO DONE!!''. It took some self constraint to hold that back in.

The times we live in today are difficult times and the question we are posed with is where are we heading next;am always contemplating if adulthood is a an open door for hypertension or a barrier to success,or possibly an adventure with our choices.As an optimist I try to dwell on the latter:an adventure with our choices.Independence is very costly in every way.When it is misused, underused or over used it comes with a gigantic price.One of the greatest gifts that comes with adulthood is independence.As we all take this step to move along in life there are some lines we can draw to keep us making the best decisions and the most of our independence to make choices that will affect our lives in the long run.
The first two were deduced from a recent sermon preached by Ravi Zacharias( a christian apologetic)at the baccalaureate service at Liberty university .The sermon centered around the kind of lines to draw,the limits to maintain when we suddenly have independence.
  • CONTROL YOUR APPETITES:what we consume can make or mar us,its all about our choices.A
    mistake can cost a fortune,one careless remark can lead to a conflict,one tacky outfit can lead to a wrong impression,one affair can break a marriage ,yes what we decide to touch,watch and where we go to can tarnish our future,there is no telling what falling to one temptation can lead us to.To be able to control our appetites we need to seek the advise of adults,of GOD,and if we are trying to justify our actions,we might as well detect that something is wrong some where.Most importantly with integrity and discipline we can do it!!
  • BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE:there is no antidote to real personal passion and motivation,it takes a good amount of self esteem to come by,but it is salient for success in any field.There is no end to learning,and ambition should not be any different.In order to strive for the best we ought to keep ourselves going,everyone might disagree with us.Remember its normal to be abnormal when the whole world is abnormally normal.Do not wait to be spoon fed with information,in this age you can goggle anything,you just need an idea and motivation to pull it through.Finally with hard work and a persistence to be better at life than we were yesterday,we can do it!!!
  • SERVICE LEADS TO LEADERSHIP:leaders do not just emerge from a pool of "wanna bee's"The last time I checked leaders are groomed for that position by serving others.If one cannot be a good follower,is there a great chance they can be good people to follow?Logically people who serve have a good amount of humility,and a sense of selflessness and that is one of the greatest virtue humans in their fallen state can ever be boastful about ,yet on that account we can even daub it as prideful.As we go out to seek greatness,to be the next inventors,writers,singers,artists,preachers,politicians,presidents or whatever we may be called to become,lets remember that service is an important ingredient that will take us far.In closing William Wordsworth once said "the best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless,unremembered acts of kindness and love".Will we give back to our communities,to the people who helped bring us this far,to people who will never be able to pay us back.Will You Serve? Good luck to all graduates and best wishes in life to all my readers.