Sunday, August 4, 2013

                         Be ye accountable!!!
Its exactly one month since I returned to my home country. One of the challenges I have encountered so far has been one that has to do with expectations. Family and loved ones want to know what my life was like abroad and even “observers” want a report. Therefore I AM EXPECTED TO ACCOUNT FOR MY EXCHANGE YEAR.

Accountability as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is the quality or state of being accountable; that is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one's actions. Talking about responsibility in this day and age is like touching the lion's tail. In as much as we try to deny it,most of us have resorted to “excuse-sing” our way out of everything and anything. We find excuses to justify our selves when we are late to a meeting,have hurt some one,spilled wine on the table,lost something valuable,the list is endless. It is very sad we seldom or never even realize that an excuse is a step towards blaming our wrongdoing on someone or something and finally graduates to a lie.

General auditing has become a threat to the jobs of many because they fail to be responsible and give proper accounts for what they are doing. This sad story is not limited to the chaos of corrupt offices. Relationships also thrive on accountability;be a friend in deed.In business,marraige or any other setting trusted people always have a good track record of being able to account for what they do.You should be able to explain the whys and hows of your actions.A liar and a thief is the replica of a person who never accepts blame for what they do. One becomes a liar when they blame the cause of their action on something else. Its easy to be a thief by being unable to account for what someone else has invested in your life.
I have this personal conviction that it is an obligation to be accountable,especially to one's self. A sense of direction in life is only visible when we are able to look back at our last step and make a better one. Parents,partners,colleagues,mentors, for these people who look up to you,its always prudent to acknowledge their presence,prayers and presents as you journey through life. Lets also bear in mind that God is also prepared with questions of how we used His precious gift of life.
Craig Groeschel’s book, Chazown:A Different Way To See Your Lifegives reflective look at
the significant role that “Chazown” or vision plays in the life of every human being,he goes on to emphasize on the need for an accountability partner to keep us focused our goals. He also explains that by practicing accountability,
individuals can be strengthened emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. Groeschel explains that
this discipline is so crucial that “Very few people can get back to their feet and continue with
God’s plan for their lives without personal accountability” (pp. 212).
I will concur that it is tough to be the ones to bring our flaws and shortcomings to light or to do that to others,but you know what, we all are imperfect. The difference is that the stronger and mature people accept their faults and change.Those who audit; question the status quo are even more commendable.
Looking back at my exchange year I cannot say I did the best I could have done,but I did what was expected, and I tried to do better. Hopefully in our lives we will call the shots and be sincere as we learn to take responsibility for our actions.Be ye accountable for what you do not what others do.Thats why its called responsibilities-your response to life,family and work.Let an observer be able to make sense of your actions. You never know who is watching you, or who that recommendation letter will be coming from.
Fun fact:you reap what you sow. Integrity is the word of the month.When making a promise,do not forget that fufilling it is being accountable:taking responsibility for what you said.You can do it,just start by asking your self what did I achieve today,where am I headed?Or find an intelligent,accountable and mature person to hold you accountable for what you do,to provide constructive criticism.Be commited to the cause and you will go far in any setting.Enough is enough....stop pointing fingers,start counting figures.