Friday, September 6, 2013

                    Do you care about the world arround you??????

PLEASE TAKE 5 MINUTES OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME TO WATCH THIS VIDEO.This call is as salient as it was years ago.
I do not need to say much,this video echoes the message we need to hear.

Let your actions reflect your words.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

[the uncovered multimillion wager]
Unintentionally,one of the key things I have well lettered is how to impress people. From table etiquette,laws that govern society, and what it means to be a lady. The list goes on.  Some other facet of this truth is that we always strive to impress because we want to get something in return.
An area where the art of moving others is primal to success is business. Every one wants to be patronized. Customer service has became a major concern to the growth of any corporate setting. The Tro tro as a means of transport employs that and many other qualities to continually develop their multimillion business even with poor structures in place.
I believe I have found the ideal employee and a potential revenue source in a Ghanaian “TRO-TRO ”. I would consider a way to create a chain of tro tro stocks if I were a CEO because of the mastery they have in customer service and the stronghold they have in the marketplace.
TRO-TROs are mini buses in Ghana that carry people from one vicinity to another with lower costs as compared to taxis. The name originated from the Ga word “tro” which means pence. During the colonial times the people were charged three penny coins and hence that name was deduced for the mass transit. They are not the most efficient ,safe or comfortable buses in the world but they get passengers to their ends. A first ride in the tro tro keeps you praying,hoping to alight in good health. The wobbly,clunky atmosphere makes it memorable.These buses are often controlled by the driver and his mate. A mate can be male or female. The duties of a mate are very essential to the success of the business in every area. The mate is in charge of customer service,accounts,and record keeping.
The tro tro buses in Ghana have seen better days (kaput!),due to mismanagement. They have remained the untouched, and looked down upon because of their their physical out look. It will probably be considered a complete fallacy if economists do not agree with me that this no man's business generates a lot of income in unorganized bits.
An objection could be raised that would deal with how impossible it could be to try to get all the tro tro buses under one supreme governing body. I certainly agree that this task will not be easy but examining it carefully one would realize it's unwavering worth .The World Bank’s Consultative Citizen’s Report Card for the City of Accra (2010) found that 70 percent of Accra’s residents generally use tro-tros to commute to work or shopping; 11 percent rely on walking, 10 percent rely on private car and eight percent rely on taxi service.
A close study of the statistics above clearly states that any entrepreneur in the tro tro business will have a large market of 70% of the public. The juiciest part of this discovery is that if an entrepreneur took the time,energy and resources to improve upon the current state and services of the industry he could invariably twist the invisible hand of demand and supply to his advantage.

Impossible is possible,although it is proven to be a difficulty. It will be very hard to channel these individual tro tro setups into one big umbrella organization. 
Today the world has moved past the limitations of the postman,court crier,susu(merge savings in associations by members) accounts and a lot more. Andrew Carnegie started with just a connection to one steel plant. The question is how did he use vertical integration to become one of America's richest men. How did Mark Zuckerberg use the need of everyone to communicate as a way to generate income by creating a go to specific program to address those needs.You have to decide to do it and your system will sync to your new resolution!!!

Business minded people and economic experts are encouraged to be innovative and creative!This is the time to take those ordinary pieces of revenue to generate companies that would be worth billions. We do not need to look further than we can see. There is power in recognizing the hidden value of what we refer to as failed systems in the country.

I will leave you with a quote by limbless Australian pastor Nick Vujicic "Mans's greatest disability is his disbelief in himself"'.It is possible,are you ready to make a bid for this multimiliion business opportunity?Do not let this pass without giving it a thought.Lets work with the can do spirit.You can never begin anything without giving it a try.Business people,advertisers,media personnel and all my dear readers,this is a glaring truth of riches in the wishes of a 17 year old high school graduate.Something can be done!!! The already made tro tro system could be groomed into Ghana's multimillion jackpot.