Wednesday, November 6, 2013


                                        If Ghana were a constituency and I THE MP.I would have brought about change as rapid as running water from a tap. In a dependable manner just like the constant presence of the DAY AND NIGHT and in a powerful way just like the revenge of an angry tigress.

                         AS THE MP for Ghana I would start with education. I would improve the quality of the quantity of the south to make them sound as well as they spell. I would substitute the quality of the south with the quantity of the north to make them produce as much as they possess.
The road networks would have been given a face lift to make it more reliable than MTN and Vodafone put together.
The security service would have seen better days, no more usage of mosquitoes at night for alarms, no more boxes for roadside offices, no more bribes as an alternative for national recognition.
Ghanaian businesses and investment companies would have become a primal part of the policies in my administration. The Ghana 2020 dream business plan would be launched to introduce investment in High school education; it would inform, incite and encourage ingenuity for national business growth.
                       Religion would be a useful tool to gathering strong forces in the country to embody my conflict preventive policies. The youth would be brought into my conflict management plan through the arts.
Ghanaian products would have scored foreign products 100% to nil after more is invested to make them the "ish" of our society.Need I remind Ghanaians that once a copycat,never an original,lets raise the standards.
National infrastructure would have been relieved after doctor renovation takes his job seriously. My no waste policy would have received a standing ovation in no time.
                      Democracy would have seen it's merger with my capitalist theories as the way forward.The spoon fed Ghanaian would have no place during my tenure. Handwork and innovation would  HAVE BEEN encouraged in all public institutions. Gargantuan corruption would have lost its head in shame as it watches me crack all the codes it uses to defraud the country in the supreme Court of the constituency.
Strikes would have been intolerable,where has patriotism gone,one would ask.Instant Justice would have been meted out to criminals bound by substantive evidence.Children would have been heard and occasionally listened to.OUR TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS would have been a major advisory of government policy.


             If Ghana were a constituency and I THE PRESIDENT,we the people would have been empowered to show the world that we can manage our own affairs,as in the Nkrumanist proposition.This metaphoric poem on a fictional Ghanaian political party's flag bearer's manifesto is to be construed as the hopes of the writer for the country on a paper.